"The school is my home" - The Story of Yallama

Yallamma is from North Karnataka, hailing from a financially backward family. Her father is a coolie worker and her mother a homemaker. Unable to finance her education and ensure her proper upbringing her family sent her to the boarding school managed by our Implementing partner in Bengaluru. 

A boarder since class 1, Yallamma now studying in class 7 has blossomed into a mature, learned, and disciplined child who loves her books and music.

"The school is my home. It takes care of my food, clothing, shelter and mostly importantly my educational needs. I love to read, dance, sing, play and take part in all programs and competitions organised by the school," she says.

United Way Bengaluru supports the educational needs of 26 students in the school managed by our Implementing partner which works to uplift children who are differently-abled and those hailing from economically backward families.