Sagduna's road to autonomy

Meet Sagduna, a young resourceful man from Hyderabad with mental and speech disabilities. He is one of the beneficiary of the Sri Vidhyas Centre for Special Children. When he joined the centre 10 years ago, Sadguna had limited coordination skills, no understanding of what time and money was, and couldn’t commute from home to school on his own.


As he was taught basic living skills, he became more and more independent. His progress over the years have amazed everyone at the centre. Not only is Sadguna now able to give his address and telephone number if he needs assistance, but he can also grocery shop and travel on his own. He also developed a love for numbers which made it easy for him to count and solve additions. 

And that’s not it! Half a day per week, Sadguna also works at a Kirana Shop where he was offered a part-time job. Earning Rs. 1000 per month is making a huge difference in his life, enabling him to fulfill his basic daily expenses, contribute to the family income, and most importantly feel valued. 


Sadguna is one of many mentally disabled individuals that the centre helped in rebuilding their confidence and reclaiming their future thanks to adequate teaching and training methodologies, as well as care and patience. 



"Sri Vidhyas Centre for Special Children" is a centre for children with mild to acute mental disabilities supported by United Way Hyderabad. During the day, the centre is a school teaching to 150 pupils with mental disabilities, and at night, it acts as a resident for 50 beneficiaries. 

Dressing, brushing and eating are some of the life and behavioral skills students learn at the centre. Vocational trainings are also provided to those that show the most capabilities.