Raise Awareness on Saving Trees on Lohri

Lohri, a harvest festival celebrated in Northern India, was celebrated on January 13th, on the last day of winter solstice. The festival is traditionally celebrated by bonfires lighting, around which people gather to dance and sing while eating Indian sweets and delicacies.


Women and girls beneficiaries of United Way Delhi's "Umang" program (a program aiming at exalting the status of women in the society through education and life skill training) celebrated Lohri slightly differently. While folk songs and cultural dances formed the part of the celebration, bonfire was missing. Instead, participants were educated on saving trees and encouraged to plant trees in their surroundings to ensure green environment.

Girls who participated in folk dances and singing competition got an opportunity to showcase their talent in front of their own community and gained confidence in the process. Celebration also helped to strengthen bonding and camaraderie among the beneficiaries.