Its been a time of many a change at United Way India. From transitioning leadership, to setting a whole new mandate for the future, we’re amid a sea change in terms of growth and a brighter way forward!

Shailesh Haribhakti as Chairman of the United Way India Board of Directors

A very welcome addition to our Board this year has been Shailesh Haribhakti, an eminent Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in audit, tax and consulting. He is the founder of various financial organizations which include; Baker Tilly DHC Pvt Ltd, Haribhakti & Co LLP, New Haribhakti Business Services LLP and is the Chairman of Mentorcap Management Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Haribhakti brings with him a plethora of experience, not just in financial services but also from the many companies on whose boards he serves. He is a deep believer in effective governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and promoting a greener environment. He actively promotes these causes through forums like ASSOCHAM, CII and the Indian Merchants’ Chamber by participating in the process of framing regulations and standards.

Manish Michael as CEO United Way India

One of the most landmark changes UWI has witnessed over the past couple of months is our change in leadership. It is with great happiness, that we welcome Manish Michael, the new CEO of United Way India.

Manish brings to the role a wealth of experience. With close to 2 decades in various roles in the development sector, across functional areas as well as geographies, he stands today as a passionate advocate for human rights and a driver of best practices in the sector.

Manish has been an integral part of the United Way network, not just with his work as the head of Bengaluru chapter, but also for the India network. Apart from leading some of the most successful campaigns of the India network, including Wake the Lake and Born Learning, he has also represented the United Way India Network at various forums both nationally and internationally. He has put together a capable team of over 20 people over the years and has led them to drive United Way Bengaluru to a 100% increase in revenues during his tenure.

We welcome them both to the United Way India family and look forward to an enriching journey ahead!