Though the public health system has a reasonable infrastructure in place, it fails to cater to all segments of society. United Ways in India provide easy access to preventive and curative health care services.



Youth For Healthy Mumbai (Mumbai)
Raise awareness about monsoon related ailments (with special focus on Dengue and Malaria) to prevent and control their spread. Learn more.

Integrated Project for Prevention of Infections (Mumbai) 
Curb the rise in transmission of Hepatitis B and C infections from mother to child in 18 slum-pockets in the F-North Municipal wardLearn more.

Pahal (Mumbai) 
Create awareness of the dangers of Hepatitis B and C and curb mother to child transmission in three impoverished communities in Mumbai. Learn more.

Lifestyle Interventions for prevention and awareness generation in Diabetes (Mumbai)
Preventive education, early diagnosis, counselling and medical support for diabetics from three targeted adult population (municipal school teachers, Anganwadi workers & unorganized sector workers). Learn more.

Decrease Child Mortality (Chennai)
Decrease infant mortality by training nurses on maternal and child care. Learn more.



Evening Clinic (Delhi)
Provide quality health care facilities to the daily wage migrant population from 4 to 7 pm after their daily work.
Learn more

Eye Care for vulnerable children (Baroda)
To tackle vision problem amongst children 1,69,981 children of municipal corporation schools of Vadodara city were screened.  A total of 23,467 children were found with vision problem and provided necessary treatment.

Gold Card Scheme (Baroda)
Help senior citizens live a healthy life by providing them free of cost support services such as yearly health check-ups. Learn more

Childhood Cancer (Chennai)
Give access to treatment to children from marginalised communities suffering from cancerLearn more



Privacy and Dignity (Kolkata) 
Provide water and sanitation facilities in schools in low income communities, to ensure girls stay in school. Learn more.

Importance of Safe Drinking Water (Baroda)
25,000 children and staff of more than 40 municipal corporation schools provided with and sensitized on the use safe drinking water through installation of RO systems and water coolers in the last three years. Children in 30 schools were also 
sensitized on water borne diseases and how to prevent them.

Wash in School (Chennai)
Aims at inculcating good sanitation practices in children, preventing health problems and reducing school dropouts by providing proper sanitation facilitiesAs a pilot WINS (Wash in schools) program, we have redesigned and reconstructed the entire sanitation infrastructure in a government school. Learn more.