Disaster Response Fund

The Indian subcontinent is among the world's most disaster prone areas. Almost 85% of India’s area is vulnerable to one or multiple hazard. Wind storms are spawned in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, earthquakes are caused by active crustal movement in the Himalayan mountains, floods are brought by monsoons, and droughts common in the country's arid and semi-arid areas.

United Way India partners with local organisations in regions prone to disasters and reaches out to the most vulnerable communitities before, during and after a disaster.
  • Pre-position relief kits comprised of tarpaulins, safety kits, blankets, floor mats, hygiene kits and jerry cans
  • Identification of credible NGO partners for on-ground implementation
  • Disaster preparedness and capacity building of communities vulnerable to disasters through community participation


  • Mobilisation of relief materials and transportation of in kind support to the affected communities
  • Support distribution of customised relief (kits to the neediest of the affected population)
  • Provision of emergency health care services and supplies, food supply
  • Provision of emergency shelters
  • Trauma counseling, provision of child friendly places


  • Impact and need assessment to decide the plan of action for response intervention
  • Provision of transient / temporary shelters
  • Provision of temporary school kits
  • Provision of access to safe drinking water
  • Provision of access to safe and hygienic sanitation facilities
  • Distribution of hygiene kits to tackle water borne diseases
  • Distribution of nutrition care kits especially for children and expectant mothers
  • Creation of a helpline / psycho social support
  • Provision of basic health care through medical camps and health education


  • ​Reconstruction of permanent shelters and toilets
  • Reconstruction of key community infrastructures such as; schools, community halls, drinking water stations, etc.
  • Support for long-term medical treatment, education and vocational training



Since 2001, United Way India has played a leadership role during 11 major national calamities across 12 Indian states through its Disaster Response Fund. Click here to know more about United Way's answer to each of these disasters (click on the map to zoom in).  



So far, we have helped 163,755 individuals directly and 1,00,000+ more people through community services (schools, health centres, ambulances, etc.). We provided emergency shelters to over 100 affected families, distributed 2000 emergency kits and reconstructed 22 damaged schools and toilets.