From Begging to Drawing: the Journey of Chandrakanth

Chandrakanth used to be one of Hyderabad’s many street children begging or working to sustain himself. All that changed when he was taken in as a resident of Sneh Ghar, a boys home supported by United Way Hyderabad, where he is provided with a roof and hot nutritious meals every day.

During the day, Chandrakanth studies with other kids his age. When class is over, they are taught mathematics, science and language through concept based videos and 

activities to help them bridge the gaps with children studying in regular schools. They can also join activity clubs, such as the "Laughing Club" or the "Sports Club". No doubt that the “Arts and Craft” Club has revealed the immense talent of Chandrakanth’s for drawing and painting. 

Chandrakanth is living proof that with an enhancing learning environment and care, any child can reveal his or her human potential. And this is exaclty what United Way Hyderabad wants to achieve, by supporting 16 Girls' Rainbow Homes and Boys' Sneh Ghar benefitting more than 1000 children like Chandrakanth through its  Enhancing learning abilities of the underserved children programme.