13 yr old Jainil Damani wins "Youngest Fundraiser" award in United Way Kolkata's 25K running event

Meet Jainil Damani. This 13 yr old boy just won the Award for the "Youngest Fundraiser" in United Way Kolkata's 25K running event. Jainil raised Rs 1,34,100 to set up a science college for the local tribal population at Dharamapur, in Gujarat's Valsad district, which has 100 schools but no science college nearby.

How did he make that possible?

"I went to my grandmother and asked her to go through her address book. We phoned all the contacts in that and everyone I approached contributed something and that felt good. Even our domestic help contributed Rs 100, which is a huge amount for her!" he said.

Jainil has shown us that any individual of any age can support the cause he believes in.

United Way Kolkata is the official philanthropy partner of the 25K Run which, in it's maiden year, raised over Rs 1 crore for various causes.